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About 0=0

"0=0" (ZeroEqualZero) is a project by the artist W (name concealed). After practicing abstract art for over 50 years, he began questioning everything he had been doing, including his artistic practices, his occupation as a professor, and even his existence as a human.

With questions such as "Where are we going?" and "What is the purpose of all this?" in mind, W embarked on a journey to partially deconstruct his previous painting style and structure where he mainly focused on making it visually appealing as possible. Instead, he chose to create artwork that would encourage people to pause and reflect upon these existential inquiries.

According to the artist, W, in our fast-changing and ever-moving world, it is challenging for us to find moments to pause and contemplate these profound yet elusive questions. He regrets not having asked these questions earlier or having taken the time to pause and reflect throughout his own artistic journey.

In his latest project, ZeroEqualZero, W conveys the message that as human beings, we enter this world with nothing (0) and leave with nothing (0). However, the (=) symbolizes the journey of life, the only part of the equation that we have partial control over. It is in this intermediate phase that we should strive to make our lives uniquely distinct and subjective by choosing to live joyfully and by engaging in moments of pause, during which we question the circumstances that surround us.


W believes that by being conscious of our direction and expressing gratitude for the things we have, we can lead fulfilling lives. He emphasizes the importance of being intentional in our actions to make our lives gratifying and distinctive. To achieve this, he emphasizes the need for periodic pauses.

Through his project, 0=0, the artist W aims to create these moments of pause for his fellow human beings.

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